Dent Experts Paintless Dent Repair Training 

Learn to be a Paintless Dent Repair Tech

Have you thought of changing careers and working with your hands? There is a strong demand for PDR Technicians around the world, as auto parts becoming more scarce, and increasing number of consumers are demanding PDR for their dent damage. The evidence is clear that the factory paint is the best and cannot be replicated. This is one of highest paying jobs in the auto repair industry and it is open to anyone who decides to really study it.  

The Market is Hot

It's a fact, saving original factory painted is critical today and there are not enough Paintless Dent Repair techs to supply the demand for repairs. 
Enroll today to:

  • Start studying PDR methods at your pace because it will take certain hand and eye skills that you can study now.  
  • Most important is the concept you are studying and how to practice correctly with proven concepts. You shouldn't struggle initially and should become proficient at very easy dents within a few months. 
  • Learn to make or customize your tooling instead of having to buy it all, because we truly have to alter the tools anyway. 
  • The Paintless Dent Repair market is made up of Wholesale and Retail customers. Which is a built in training ground so you can hone your skills before entering the highest paying level.   

Click enroll to start the process.  The PayPal link is for the enrollment fee. 

Training by Sal Contreras 

Sal Contreras (DentExperts) is a leader in Paintless Dent Repair. I've been a technician for 31 years still repair dents daily.  I actually think it's fun because I don't have to think about the method to use as the one I teach works very well. . Each repair has the same strategy and I just follow it step by step . I'm 60 years old and can compete in the Dent Olympics every year to prove this new method of Pdr really does work, without sharp tools of any kind. Learn from me what it takes to glass small, medium and large complex dent damage and change your income forever.  I offer a full course for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced technicians. Women are especially scarce in this skill trade and it doesn't have to be that way, they can easily do this.  This profession takes anyone who has the will to learn this craft and apply themselves to a market. There's always going to be a dent in a car and it is very rewarding to help customers avoid the dreaded repaint of their prize car. 
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Dent Olympics is a world   competition:
2011 Dent Experts Placed 3rd 
2015 Dent Experts Placed 1st  
2022 Dent Experts Placed 2nd 

Learn more on Youtube about this amazing skill called Paintless Dent Repair. 

Check out the Youtube videos on repairs are done without repainting.

 In Paintless Dent Repair we restore true value back to vehicles and the demand is all over the world.  
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